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Food Industries

the company provides it’s customers a large sector of food products required n the global consumer markets according to the international standard specifications in all of it’s shapes of food products canne , processed and packed automatically.

Frozen Fruits & Vegetables

the matter is no longer exclusive about fruits and vegetables to satisfy the products in the markets during the season, so the request became extant throughout the year and the market of frozen fruits and vegetables is no loner more important than the fresh one. That is why the active companies in the exportation field focused a great attention. so our role to satisfy the client,s desire is that we gave sector a great concern by supplying all the clients, needs of frozen vegetables and fruits throughout the year according to the client,s required specifications including : shape and way of filling the products according to the suitable temperature for every single product to keep it fresh throughout the period of its storing and showing.

Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

according to the attached schedule to the egyption agricultural crops map th conpany provide the finest types of fresh vegetables and frutis depending on the suitable season for each category according to the client desire in every categorylin terms of
the fruit size,weight,ratio of liquids if there is , coloring ratio , and highest freshness of the
fruit and the level of maturity required according to precise standers in which the percentage of the error is below 5% .

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What else we provide?

Quality Control

just like any other product , agricultural crops needs a high level tracking system it even surpasses any other product for it sensitivity and for his direct connection with health , so, with a highly experienced team of agricultural engineers the company follows the product from the seed stage to maturity to make sure that the fruit grows up with a good agricultural health free of any diseases or damage that could effect the product quality within early health care and the use of universally permissible medicines to maintain the fruits under the domination of certified and specialized organizations for it.


The company provide all types of required packing according to client specifications and which suit the nature of overland or seaward freightage with the highest packing materials which carry different humidity and temperatures during the freightage process or at the consumer,s town.


work in the export sector is not completed without the most important service in the exports world which it’s shipping services with it’s different kinds of air shipping ,sea shipping and land shipping and in order to provide the time and effort of our valued customers , we took the burden of transporting their products safely and easily by contracting with alot of sea shipping agenceies(FORWARDING) for the largest shipping lines in the world such as safi marine , cma , maersk
and the same with alot of largest air lines shipping agencies and land shipping agencies also to ensure we reach most of the target markets weather near or far , because with us all what is one call.

Our Vision & Objectives

Mg exports team believes that’s whoever have the ability to choose the wanted fruit it will be easy for him to make the perfect fruit basket that is equivalent and also takes the eyes of the viewers , and they take it back with highest benefit if they eats one of it’s fruit on the other hand this team members provides a careful care in all the exports operation stages starting from choosing the fruit until it arrives to your table just like what they wanted .

Our Vision From Trees to Your Basket

Dear client , to find yourself you don’t need to take the burden of searching for another source to your next product but if you’re looking for your fresh products even it’s the ones you going to
re-distribute it to wholesale markets or it’s the ones that’s suitable for your country retail shelves or even it’s the ones that needs below zero degree temperature or it’s the dry ones that’s needs to be carefully cared way from weather humidity. after the juices bottles placed in the right places for it , all what you have to do is redial our customers service because we all in one place waiting to take your call

Objectives All In One

Who we are?

we started the company at the middle of 2015 to keep up with the growth of the egyption sector of agricultural crops exports believing in the important role of the sector in the egyption ecnomic based on the uniqueness of the egyption soil and the agreeability of the egyption climate to produce the best and finest agricultural crops all over the world . with the availability of all the mechanisms which contribute to the rise of the egyption exports sector and the
availability of required competencies to reach the desired targets starting from the quality of raw materials passing through packing with the expert and approved export terminals down to shipping the product to the client country in the best shape and the shortest time and the lowest price according to the agreed specifications to satisfie diffrent tastes in all the targeted markets to achieve a wide base of clients all over the world.

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